Fashion Forecast

I LOVE shoes, it started young when I was just a little girl. My mom used to bribe me into going grocery shopping with her by saying we could first stop ‘try on shoes’ in the boutique nearby. Last week it became very clear, that this little girl is still inside me . Last week I worked as a shoe model on the GDS fair in Düsseldorf, and it was so exciting! Now don’t get me wrong, I know that I’m not a model. I do not meet up to the demands to be one, my parents did not give me legs that won’t end. They did gave me tiny feet, a thing many models are not able to say. And I don’t mean to sound bitchy. I mean, if you’re 1.80 m, clearly you would fall over with size 36 (eur).

At the GDS fair I got to try on the new FW 2011 collection. I know that we are all focusing on the new spring/summer collection. And we don’t even want to think about the fact that it will be winter this year. Just to give you an idea of the winter styles of 2011, here’s my fashion forecast!

This coming winter we will see chunky heels, platforms and wedges. And aren’t we grateful for this trend! Next to the fact that they are so glamorous,  they’re much more comfortable than the stiletto heel we all love and hate at the same time. The boots are laced-up military style, which is so edgy and wearable at the same time. Wellies are still in business this winter, I’m wonder if this is because we love water resistant footwear or because we still enjoy saying ‘wellies’. Another very noteworthy trend I spotted were the lace up flats. These adorable flats and cool studded sneakers, fit real nice in this winters boyfriend style. It looks like comfort is a popular word this winter. I’m not saying we should all be prepared for another winter of wearing only UGG boots (I’m also not saying we shouldn’t). Anyways, the sheepskin boots are still in style this coming winter! Frankly, I’m really happy about that!

Wellies – Jimmy Choo
Wedges – Acne
Platforms – Carvela
Boyfriend – Christian Louboutin
Lace up – Fred de la Bretoniére
Sheepskin – Mou
Military - AllSaints


  1. Hi. I like almost erything on that list. L love boots, so I will by one more for me. Xoxo....

  2. stalking yr blog!!! xP
    haha... another word for supporting!


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